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Certification Programs 

Energy Healing Immersion Training 

1 year Multiple Certification Program 

The Energy Healing Immersion training is for you if:
You feel a connection and deep desire to learn Energy Healing
You are ready to align with your purpose and power
You are ready to learn what your mind is capable of
You are ready to learn to access altered states
You are ready to learn how to communicate with higher intelligence
You are ready to learn to read energy
You are ready to become an instrument of the divine
You are ready to practice and increase your abilities to perceive and project awareness 
You are ready to attune to higher consciousness and levels of healing, both for self and others
You are ready to be introduced and attuned to systems of healing to include Reiki
You feel a connection to, or a knowing that, Tammy is your teacher and guide. You feel guided to learn from Tammy
You're saying yes to your gifts
If you are still trying to figure out the workings of being a sensative and an empath and need more deep healing of past wounds and traumas then start with my Highest Expression coaching program, then go into the energy training when you feel guided.
I have a profound connection to divine guidance and this has been my work for many, many years. Now, I've taken what I know and I have formulated a way to best pass the knowledge along to you. I'm excited to share my programs with you. My programs also come with a box of goodies hand selected by me!


Akashic Records Practitioner 

Certification Program

Akashic records are in the 8th dimension. It connects to all other levels of the universe. It is a cosmic stream of consciousness. Being able to navigate it is advanced. One has to be at a spiritually heightened place to access it. 
Receive powerful Activations to be able to access the Akashic Records, meet the keepers of the records and connect with your guides in the records.
A general understanding of meditative practices and intuition is a prerequisite to this program. An understanding of the concept of past lives and a commitment to spiritual practice are also prerequisites.
Why would you want to access them?Spiritual guidance Past life explorationHealing and Transformation Understanding patterns Access codes to soul memory 
Since Tammy's programs are highly transformative, she works with people on an individual basis.
2 spots available starting in October! Reach out to review the detailed welcome packet.
Investment: $909Increasing to $1818 in 2024

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