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Spiritual Life Coaching

Infused with Empowerment Attunements


Highest Expression Coaching  

4 Month Spiritual Life Coaching 

Coaching for major life changes: Career, retirement, relationships, divorce and general direction, support and betterment of self on all levels of being. 
Helping you to realize who you are, how you want to move in the world and what you want to attract. 
Spirit lead teachings of sovereignty skills; autonomy, manifestation, empowerment, communication and connection with Source, mindset shifts, visionary skills and observer skills.
Rev Tammy's coaching programs are dynamic, fluid in the way that they are tailored to the needs of each individual. We will explore key elements in relation to the self, mind, body, spirit, emotion and soul. 
The minimum time spent in the Highest Expression Coaching Program is 4 months and may be extended as needed. 
What is needed to start: 
A mindset of receptivity. A willingness to look at and explore how you are receiving, perceiving and engaging in your own energy and the energy around you and a willingness to work on the necessary adjustments. 
During the program we wilI work together, for you to: Identify your why, heal past wounds, observe your patterns, assess where you are with self worth and self perception, learn to let go of attachment, learn to be boundaried, learn to be grounded, learn to be the gate keeper of your mind, learn to guide your mindset to go beyond circumstances, become self aware; gain deeper self awareness, extend self compassion, discern what is yours, what belongs to others, increase intuition; connect with and trust it, gain clarity on how you want to show up, embrace your sensitivity, learn to use your abilities in a productive way, learn to energetically choose what is going to support your wellbeing or not, learn to shift your story, learn to take things into soul awareness, learn to connect with your higher self, learn to work with Spirit, create empowering language, learn to be yourself and lead.
You were drawn here because you are worthy and now you need to own it.

Reach out to Tammy with questions and to request the program packet for review.


Raising the Vibration Coaching Program 

Raising kids with energy healing 

This program is for your children if:

You are looking for and open to alternative healing modalities and tools

They are sensative
They have trouble regulating emotions
They are excitable and/or depressed mood
They have trouble with focus and concentration
They have difficulty sleeping
They have trouble relaxing
They need inspiration
They have decreased self awareness and self esteem
They are experiencing spiritual phenomenon
They are wanting to boost thier natural abilities
You and they are wanting to create a better world 

Add on Recommended: Reiki level 1 and 2


Intuitive Reading


An intuitively lead session, reading the energy of the person and the energy about the person who is seeking answers. Powerful insights are shared. These session may be very emotional, healing and up lifting.

Can be done with and without cards.


Couples Coaching

Hado of Love

Energy work can be used to bring couples closer together. It can connect couples more on a spiritual and energetic level through balancing the chakras and other energic healing modalities. It can heal and repair past emotional issues you have brought from other relationships and even other lifetimes. It can also dissolve old negative etheric cords that are currently running between the couple creating a clean slate for other positive, loving cords to form. Leaving room for a strong foundation and manifestation.
Contact Tammy for any questions and to review to program packet.

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