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Soul Wisdom Workshops

A Unique Approach

Your Soul Knows All the Answers.

Want to Learn How to Ask All the Right Questions?

Soul Wisdom Workshops offer creative, reflective, and intentional exercises, rituals, and explorations designed to deepen and intensify your connection and dialogue with your Essential Self.

Serious content is balanced by a learning environment imbued with Light, Love, and Laughter.

Learn ways to nourish your Soul connection and: 
•    Manifest your ideal life
•    Chart soul-guided goals
•    Attune to natural cycles
•    Interpret the language of symbols
•    Calibrate your internal guidance system
•    Orient to your body compass
•    Live with wild abandon
•    Electrify your luminous essence

Soul Wisdom Workshops are a wonderful complement to your current body and energy work practices and experiences!


Reiki Certification Program

Reiki Treatment
Divine Healing
Hatha Class
Silent Worship and Meditation

Reiki Level One Course

Awaken Your Inner Healer

In order to know Reiki you must do it!

Reiki Level Two Course

Balance Your Chi

Prerequisite: Reiki Level One

Advanced Reiki Training

Natural Healing

Prerequisite: Reiki Level Two

Reiki Master Teacher Training

Balance Your Chi

Prerequisite: ART


Guided Journey + Sound Therapy

A blend of guided meditation and shamanic journey lead by Reiki Master Tanya.