Custom Rituals

Reverend Tammy Godette has the ability to assess the energy of spaces: land, buildings, homes, etc. and people, distantly. Receive her energetic and spiritual assessment and her recommendations on what is needed to remedy your situation.

Clear negative energies and place positive energy through custom rituals designed for your unique needs. Designed specifically for spaces, self healing and/or relationships as well as other aspects of life.

Rev Godette is also willing to travel to assess and perform rituals specifically designed for you. She will come to your space and assess the energy and perform a custom ritual to clear and bless the space for your greatest good.

She also performs wedding and other ceremonies and blessings.

Rituals include:

Creating Sacred Space

Portal Assessment and Closing

Space Assessment with Custom Rituals

Healing Trauma

Healing illness

Moon Rituals

Clearing Out The Old

Seasonal Rituals

Cleansing/Blessing at the New Year

Cleansing/Blessing for New Spaces

Cleansing/Blessing  for Life Challenge

Healing Family Lines

Releasing/Letting Go/Moving On




Commitment Ceremonies

Vow Renewals

Baby Blessings



Guided Transformation 

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